"be GROUNDED" Facechain | Ganesh & Tree of Life in Antique Brass
"be GROUNDED" Facechain | Ganesh & Tree of Life in Antique Brass

"be GROUNDED" Facechain | Ganesh & Tree of Life in Antique Brass

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Your Affirmation | "I AM GROUNDED"

Description | "be GROUNDED" design braided facechain in antique brass with heart connectors, Ganesh and the Tree of Life charms on the ends.

Ipek's Intention | "be GROUNDED" series is designed with my intention for you to be mindful and centered always maintaining awareness of your spirit and your connection to Mother Earth.

~About the Charms~
Strength | Wisdom | Purification
depicted with the head of an elephant, is a Hindu God that emerged as a widely worshipped deity in the 4th and 5th centuries CE. Ganesh and the elephant symbolize strength, royalty, patience and ancient wisdom. It is believed that Ganesh can remove obstacles and barriers, creating space for new beginnings with good fortune. He is revered as benevolent supernatural being of great intellect and appreciation of the arts and sciences. He represents everything that derives from the material universe. Ganesh is believed to be gentle and compassionate.

Connection | Regeneration | Transformation | Growth
The Tree of Life is a many-branched tree that represents the interconnectedness of all life on our planet. A symbol for life, regeneration, healing, transformation and growth, the Tree of Life is present in various philosophies. It evokes a sense of protection, abundance and strength illustrating the idea that all life on earth is related and we all come from the same beginnings. The tree can protect us from the weather, provide us with its fruits, and continues to create season after season. With beauty and diversity, we are all leaves on the same Tree of Life.

Learn more about Symbols & Their Meanings.

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How to Wear Your Facechain

Facechains are made to be worn across the face, resting on the nose and around the top of the ears. The chain measures at about 20 inches in length. The charms vary in size.

Facechains may also be worn as a lariat (pronounced lar-ee-uht). A lariat is a 19th century Spanish style necklace without a clasp. To wear your facechain as a lariat, drape the chain around your neck, cross and loop the ends twice as if making a double knot. The lariat can be worn in the front, similar to a necklace or down your back.