"Duygu" | Emotion & Sensation | Bracelet Collection

Duygu (pronounced dooy-goo) meaning Emotion and Sensation in Turkish, is a collection of handmade conscious bracelets crafted with love and intention. Each unique bracelet is charged with positive affirmations and mantras; infused with essential oils and sound frequencies to bring you happiness, love and abundance.

There are two different ways to choose your bracelets. You could choose by selecting the color of stones you feel drawn to or by the energy and vibration of the stones. There is no right or wrong option and whatever you choose is perfect.

Bracelets can be worn daily and to any occasion. Many of the designs compliment each other and therefore can be stacked together. You may also choose to stack with multiple sets of the same design. Have fun with it and enjoy making your own unique combinations to match your outfits or for the energy you feel drawn to.


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